Language services

Interested in learning and/or practicing French in a relaxed atmosphere? As a former English Major with 13 years of experience in the instruction field, I can help you with most areas of the French language. I have worked with many civil servants and business professionals in one-on-one and group settings.

List of services in this page:

  • French classes (groups)
  • Private classes
  • Translation & proofreading


French for Tourists (Beginners)

A Beginner Level Course for anyone interested in visiting France.

Whether it is the food, sights, historic monuments, beaches or mountains, France has something for everyone.

Before you pack your bags to take the trip of a lifetime, join us for this series of seven classes with a French-born Winnipegger. Learn important words, phrases and sentences to get around on your own in daily situations (asking for help, asking for directions, speaking on the phone, booking train tickets, code of the road…). Discover the main cultural differences between Canada and France. And get familiar with some of the must-see places to visit.

Bring a notebook, pen, bilingual dictionary, and conjugation dictionary like Bescherelles.

French for Beginners – Level 2

A follow-up class to French for Tourists.

Français Trois (Intermediate)

A more advanced series of classes. Having taken Français Deux would be an asset, although not mandatory. No English will be used.

Interested in practicing French in a friendly setting? Join us for seven interactive classes with a French-born instructor. Improve your reading skills, give your pronunciation a boost, increase your vocabulary, and gain confidence in the process with articles, exercises, role play, and discussions tailored to your level and needs.

Bring a notebook, pen, bilingual dictionary, and conjugation dictionary like Bescherelle.

Français Quatre (Advanced)

For more advanced conversation in French. Having taken Français Trois would be an asset but it is not mandatory for those who already are somewhat fluent in French.

Bring a notebook, pen, bilingual dictionary, and conjugation dictionary like Bescherelles.

The French Corner 

An advanced level class. Welcome to the French Corner where you decide what you want to discuss. Every week bring a topic and we’ll chat away, with French music in the background. Cendrine Marrouat, a French born Winnipegger, will be there to correct errors and answer your questions. Jokes are recommended.


If you live in Winnipeg, appointments can be arranged in your house / office, or via Skype.

For other locations, French instruction will be delivered via Skype.


  • Skype – US$30 / C$35 an hour.
  • House / Office – C$40 an hour.

Classes must be purchased in advance and used within a month. Minimum: 4 hours.

NB: Cancellation requests happening less than 48 hours before appointment dates cannot be rescheduled or refunded.


Are you looking for reliable, professional, and high-quality language services? Let me help you reach French-speaking audiences around the world and thrive!

Fields of Specialization

  • General
  • Social Media
  • Marketing & Business
  • Literature
  • Journalism

Types of Documents

  • Any type of general document
  • Press Releases
  • Reports
  • Letters & Commercial Documents
  • Contracts
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Websites


    • Translation – Start at 16 cents (US) per source word or US$32 an hour.
    • Proofreading – Start at US$35 an hour.


“Very reliable, professional and accurate in her translations. Cendrine always meets deadlines, by also working during weekends or late in the evening if needed. She’s easy to reach by e-mail or messenger, thus making communications between Project Managers and Translator more prompt and efficient, guaranteeing a faster turnaround.” – Sonia Pizzi, Eurologos-Toronto

“Cendrine is very professional, reliable and provides excellent quality on her translations as well as fine customer service.” – Veronica Sokolowski, Dialog Line, LLC-Minneapolis

“Editrice d’une revue australienne ces dernières années et maintenant d’une revue française, j’ai eu plusieurs fois recours aux services de Cendrine Marrouat. J’ai été entièrement satisfaite de son travail. Elle a su s’adapter à différents thèmes. Sa traduction est de qualité…quasiment pas de retouches à faire… et elle respecte des délais rapides.” – Marie-Hélène Courtat, Magazine Stargate

“J’ai reçu votre seconde traduction et avoue être impressionné par la qualité de votre travail. Je n’ai en fait contrôlé que la première page et me suis contenté de lire le reste en n’apportant que quelques rares retouches tellement ça se lisait bien. Clap clap clap clap clap. Bravo.” – Philippe Vitu, International Express Translations Toronto

“Je viens de commencer la relecture de votre travail. C’est franchement superbement écrit, aucune correction pour l’instant, merci pour ce très bon travail.” – David Dennery, Magazine Nexus France